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The Business

Member of the Harmony Institute® group, focused on urban Architectural Accessibility consultancy . Works in the micro mobility environment on foot to raise the perspective and awareness of the use of the urban environment at the level of the individual, all pedestrians, without discrimination by age, disability or any restriction.

Our Values

We care for respect and responsibility in the attitudes of each one. We value commitment, collaboration and trust with others. We seek the harmony of conviviality. We exalt Autonomy to propose and act .We idealize the Freedom to experiment.

We are aligned with the UN's sustainable development goals for 2030, delivering more health and well-being, innovation in infrastructure, providing more social equality and building more sustainable cities and communities. We are CONNECTED with people, we want to be present in the FUTURE and from the beginning be a company with foundations of SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

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Our mission

Transform the human experience in urban environments, promoting interaction with the environment in a natural, light, comfortable and permissive way. Raise the perspective and awareness of the use of the urban environment at the level of the pedestrian.

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Our vision

To be the protagonist in the join transformation of the environment, promoting the opportunity for everyone to explore the environment in a harmonious and democratic way.

Areas of expertise

Commercial and residential real estate

Sidewalks and access

Transport infrastructure terminals

Urban Furniture

Hospitals and ILPIs (long-term care institute for the elderly)


Founder & CEO

Foto de Rodrigo Pardo, fundador da Walklaw

I'm Rodrigo Pardo, founder of Walklaw®.

I'm 29 years old and I'm Brazilian, from São Paulo. With a degree in civil engineering and business management and being fascinated by cities and their dynamics, I went deeper into learning about urbanism and urban planning with national and international academic experiences in Denmark and the Netherlands. Observing how cities are shaped, outside of Brazil mainly, I realized that something wrong was happening in my hometown. It was by seeing the rights that citizens of foreign cities have that realized how here, in São Paulo, we are deprived of simple rights such as enjoying and experiencing our spaces for not paying attention to pedestrian individuals.

Transforming the concrete jungle into an urban garden started to be a constant dream.

Many opportunities for improvement in the conception of urban mobility in São Paulo surfaced in my mind. That was when I decided that I would be the transforming agent of my universe. I decided that I would remodel the space around me.

Marca da Universidade de CopenhagenMarca da Universidade de Tecnologia T U DelftMarca da universidade UnicampMarca da Universidade FAAPMarca da universidade inspermarca da universidade fundação dom cabral
Marca da Prefeitura de São Paulo PDMRMarca da Comissão Permanente de Acessibilidade

It is possible to connect more with people when we have an accessible environment, connecting everyone with each other and around them.

How we work?

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Accessibility Architectural

We transform the path into an inclusive environment through permanent or temporary physical changes. We certify establishments and companies with the Walklaw® Seal of accessibility for enterprises.

Imagem de uma sinalização de parede num estacionamento

Signaling Wayfinding

We create well-structured paths according to the most appropriate mental map for each client, with assertive, intuitive and targeted visual communication.

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Accessibility Digital

We also made it possible to promote social inclusion in the digital environment with advice to transform websites and applications accessible to all, meeting the requirements of the Brazilian Inclusion Law.

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Accessibility Knowledge

We disseminate best practices and benefits on social accessibility with training and lectures on the theme.


Descriptive memorial

Memorial descritivo com relatório fotográfico, apontamentos de itens a serem melhorados e propostas de adequação para alcançar patamar de acessibilidade arquitetônica física e visual.

Architectural design and architectural accessibility


Projeto de acessibilidade visual. Estudo de comunicação visual para sinalização adequada e apropriada.

Digital signage and guidance

Creative and environmentally friendly solutions for restriction solution

Construction management

Validation and acquisition of architectural accessibility seal at thePermanent Accessibility Commission (PAC)

Walklaw® Architectural Accessibility Seal

Advice on transforming digital accessibility

Accessibility lectures

Online Classes

Abordando a divulgação das boas práticas e exigências quanto à acessibilidade. Impactos na sociedade e inter-relação com demais áreas.

Transparent Accessibility

QR CODE com acesso ao certificado de acessibilidade Walklaw® pelo badge.

Subscription plan for building accessibility certification

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